Greetings gamers,

If you've been wondering what was happening with Draconis Entertainment, it's time to lift just the corner of the veil of secrecy for a quick peek.

First, if you've tried to contact us in recent weeks and not received a response, or have placed an order and not yet received your registration key, our web host has been having some significant problems with our email servers. We were not aware of the existence of these problems, nor the extent to which they were effecting us, until recently, as email would sometimes be fine, and other times get lost in the ether. Please contact us again if you're still waiting for a response. Chances are, our reply or your original message was a casualty. We believe that our web host has corrected the problem.

For quite some time, we've been developing new tools and techniques for the future of accessible gaming. The fruits of those efforts are coming together at long last, and we will have new games to release in short order.

What can you expect to see from Draconis Entertainment? The following are some of our plans. They are subject to change.

1. All future game titles will be fully cross-platform for both Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista. Versions of the games for both operating systems will always be released simultaneously.

2. Our first new release will be a freebie game, available to all on the web site.

3. Following the freebie game, we will be releasing both brand-new titles, as well as entirely rewritten versions of our classic games which will take advantage of our new gaming engines and be cross- platform for Mac and Windows. These releases will be staggered between new games and new versions of old games.

4. New versions of old games will be substantially enhanced from previous versions with tons of new features, audio, and in many cases new modes of game play, or entirely new sub-games.

5. We expect new game releases to come much more quickly, now that the framework for the future has been designed and is well underway. We hope to avoid problems like those experienced under Vista.

More soon, and thank you for sticking with us during this time of transition.

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