My name is Tristan Bussiere. Most of you if not all of you, have seen me before 
on this mailing list. I would like to introduce you to a new MOO (mud object 
oriented) that I and my devoted team of staff have been working on for the 
passed few months.
It is called Cosmos. As you may have realised, it is space-related, and has 
starships, stun weaponry, and much more. The very much so in-development 
website where you can download a soundpack and a client is at:
the connection info is as follows.
address: cosmos.mcp-server.com
port: 1123

Hope you check it out,
Tristan Bussiere 
- Head Developer, and founder/owner of Accessible Computer Entertainment Games.

ACEGamesOnline.net - Accessible Computer Entertainment Games' Website.

  Contact info:

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  E-mail: Email me. 

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