So I have some good news and bad news.
Good news.  Liam got a full time job writing scripts for a company.
The bad news.  This leaves me with virtually no time for writing computer
games.  My day looks like this.
wake up at 5.  eat breakfast, and then make myself look presentable.  Get in
some sort of vehicle at 7 to go to the train.  get onthe trian at 7:45.  Get
to the city my office is in at like 8:30.  walk to the office. in any kind
of weather condition.  And btw.  it snows here a lot.  then from 9 till 4:30
I am a slave to the corperate world.  I get on the train at 5, get home at
5:45.  I check email, then collapse.
I'm not exactly sure what the future will look like for LWorks.  It is
possible the company may only need me part time, but.. For right now. I'm
going in on a daily basis.  I will do the best I can to update existing
games, and do what I need to do.  But it's goign to be rough on me.  I
certainly will not close up shop.  it's not fair to the people who have
supported me all these years, but I want to let everyone know what's going
on.  It's only fair to keep people informed.
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