Hi Ryan,
That would be way to unrealistic. Realistically speaking it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to shoot an arrow out of he air in mid flight. For one thing it isn't a very big target to begin with which means your aim would have to be very very precise, and then the speed of the target would force you to guess where your bullet and the arrow would intercept each other. That is pretty hard to do even for a fully traind sighted marksman. So I think a feature like that would be way to unrealistic. Besides historically if you wanted to protect yourself from arrows that is what shields and armor were for. You could hold up a big heavy bronze shield and the arrow would hit it and be deflected away from the person. That is if the person saw the arrow coming and deflected it in time of course. Now, before anyone asks what about adding a shield to defend against arrows I have thought about it. However, if you are having electric bolts of lightning being tossed at you from harpies the last thing you want on your person is a big large bronze shield. If the lightning were to hit that thing you would definitely say goodbye to this world. Being in contact with a metal shield while being hit with a lightning bolt would cause you to get fried on the spot. Not a good idea.

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