Hi list!
I am probably supposed to introduce myself briefly, as I used to be an active member of this list some months or years ago bud then I had to retreat and stay quiet for a long period due to certain unpleasant circumstances, which means that many of the present members have already probably forgotten about me, and any newcomers won't know me at all. I never ceased to bean active audiogamer, however, even when there was no public word from me to the blind-gaming community. :-) My name is Lukas Hosnedl (the first name is gonna be tough enough for native speakers, I think, so it will do :-D), I am 18 years old, I live in the Czech Republic (let's say that it's located approximately in the center of Europe) and I've been totally blind since birth. Various computer-related stuff, including programming and gaming, has always fascinated me, urging me to get to know as much as I was able to comprehend from those areas, and to get my hands on plenty of computer or Play Station games, either mainstream ones with sighted assistance or those accessible to us. I also love music, especially all guitar genres, and all sorts of literature, all these hobbies in both forms, passive and active. :-) I was able to come back to this nice list now, but unfortunately I can't guarantee or estimate how long I will be able to stay... Here, finally, comes the main reason for my subscription and participation, suggested by the subject line. As the first and second release candidatesfor Top Speed v2.1 have finally been released, after years of anticipation, bringing quite a few changes and new features that we had hoped for since the last update and many more, obvious or not, a more or less complex idea of mine can at last come true. Over the last couple of days, I have been testing the new releases intensely with my good friend who, in addition, is a much better racer than I myself am, we have discussed this idea a lot, and now give it to you for consideration, and we strongly encourage you to go ahead and join us! As you must have already guessed by now, we plan to host a huge Top Speed tournament - well, it does not have to be that huge, it should be just huge enough for the amount of feedback and willing players we receive.
The basic idea is as follows:
1. Anyone who feels like it should subscribe to the tournament within the next day or two - we do not have a lot of free time currently. Depending on how many people will be interested, we may be able to play a single qualifying race with everyone to judge their skills, but that is not very probable. We think about this possibility only because we will probably have to divide the players into two or more separate groups, each containing up to 5 or 6 players for the races. We believe that 5 or 6 human players at once is the maximum we can risk for the game to still be playable at a reasonable level. If there will be no qualification races, then the groups will probably be made up just randomly or we might settle an arrangement. A number of around 20 players in total should be the ceiling - we ain't probably ready for something even bigger. 2. Every player should give us their contact information for synchronization purposes. Either me or my friend (actually, some of you could still remember Jiri Fenz from the Mah 1 tournaments) should host the games, as we have tried and confirmed that both of us are capable of providing a fast, stable and reliable enough server for most connection conditions. No more than two servers running at once should ever be required during this tournament. Everyone is most sincerely welcome to join us, no matter how you consider yourself, this event is intended for everyone just to have a nice and funny competition. In fact, this whole thing started only because we were curious to witness how other topspeeders from all over the world drive. :-) It is strongly advised though that you do not have an ordinary telephone modem connection (slow game performance, could lead to inaccurate race results or connection failures on your part) and that you have enough free time to be able to keep up with the rest of us for up to three afternoons. If a player just does not respond in time for the next phase of the tournament to begin, he will have bad luck and will be eliminated from the tournament, although we will try to wait for a few hours if necessary to equalize time zone differences to some extend. 3. When a comunication platform with each player is established, a comfortable time frame is set for the first race and the grouping of players is decided, we shall randomly choose two of the official race tracks for the first round of the tournament. There are currently 11 race tracks in the game, 3 of them being introduced in the new version (America, Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands). We believe that this principle is the fairest possibility for all racers. All players will then be told which tracks were chosen for the first round and will have let's say a day (maybe less) to memorize them as best as they can with their favorite vehicle (custom vehicles aren't supported for multiplayer games yet, anyway, so feel free to use whichever of the official in-game ones that you like, this is totally up to you). We will settle on a hour to host the races in advance, and then every group will play on its appropriate server - this means that one member of every group should be able to provide a server comparable or better to ours, we can test this at the beginning and base the groups on this - the groups will not be based on skill levels. At least one person on every server should be able to record the progress of the race for valid and cheatproof records of the player standings, I can do this for one group on one server and my friend for another group on another one. Ideally, the server host for every group could maintain this. You should make sure that recording with the "what u hear" facility (the recording should, if possible, be of high-quality and in stereo for more fun and accuracy) does not slow your computer down enough to affect the behaviour and performance of the game. Maybe there will be one preliminary race among the server hosts and everyone of them will record it to try this out. If recording can't be done for some reason, then we will just probably have to rely on what is told to us by the players when the two races are over. 4. When the races are over and the player standings are tracked, the next round of the tournament should be very similar to the first one, except that this time we will be racing on two randomly selected street adventures (we must make use of another great and wonderful multiplayer race type that is now newly possible!). There are now 5 street adventures in Top Speed v2.1, one being new and fresh (raly through the desert, raly through the spanish hills, ride at the airport, the english countryside and through the french coast). Although the street adventures are more difficult to drive successfully and to memorize in general, every player will still have the opportunity to improve their standings from the previous round or keep up the good work, noone will be eliminated during the tournament (because of their racing progress). 5. To explain the proposed points system, let's assume that there will be 20 players in total as an example, divided into 4 groups by 5 players. Everyone's score will be gained from their final position in a race. So, the player who finished a race as the winner would earn 5 points, the one who finished second would get 4 points, the third one 3 points and so on. Because of the group factor, it's possible that two players might have the same score after one race. This is the reason for two races in each round, this precaution should minimize the probability of the event to an acceptable level. This means that, in this example, one player could earn a maximum of 20 points if they won all 4 races (two race tracks in the first round and two street adventures in the second round). 6. When all points from all races are counted, we will have x group leaders, where x is the actual number of the race groups. A leader is the one with the highest score altogether after the two public rounds. Those leaders will then run the third and last round of the tournament, consisting of another two races: one more random race track and one more random street adventure. A possible final race on any track of the racers choice (if they can choose one in common) would be run, should score matches occur. Their final positions in this very last race would also mean their overall standings in the tournament whatsoever. Taking the previous example into account, we would therefore have 5 group leaders occupying the 1st through 5th place, and the other 15 players would follow, ordered from the highest relevant score to the lowest, 20th place. We will sure take care of eventual score duplicities. We can then, of course, post the results to a website, either an existing one or we can create one exclusively for similar future tournaments. If any of the game developers themselves had enough time to participate, we (the two proposers) would be most exhilarated! Of course, it is supposed that all players will have the latest available release candidate for Top Speed v2.1 installed at the moment when the tracks for the first round are chosen. Today, the latest version available to the public is Top Speed v2.1 RC2. So, that's it. If you agree with these preliminary rules, or can provide constructive feedback to possibly alter them to better suit your liking, and you do feel the fuel circling in your weins instead of the poor human blood, then do not hesitate and contact me immediately, directly at [EMAIL PROTECTED]". We are looking forward to you, and to beating you to dust, or perhaps getting beaten to dust by you!
Take care everyone, and surely write back before it's too late,

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