Greetings Gamers!  I hope you all are Well.  I was playing ESP Pinball 
Extreme's Party Pack table Extreme wild west when I happened to notice 
something.  The game documentation states the following.
On the right side of the flipper is the sheriff's office. If you've stolen all 
four horses and happen to land yourself in his office it's not a good thing.
There's one of two choices he's gotta make. Either hang ya or take it to the 
streets for a gunfight! Either way you may end up dead. You have a chance
at living if the sheriff decides to handle it like men, but if he opts for the 
hanging's you're a goner

Notice it states that if he opps for the gun fight you have a chance at living. 
 This is not the case.  Every time I go into a gun fight Win or Lose you lose 
your ball.  I figured if you get shot you lose your ball but if you shoot the 
sheriff you get to play on.  Is this the way this should work??  It seems un 
fair that you lose your ball period weather you are in a gun fight,  hung or 
jus get locked up.  You do not lose your ball when you win a fight in the 
saloon so how come you do not keep your current ball when you beat the sheriff. 
 Yes you get 2.5 mill for shooting him but it kinda sucks if it is your last 
ball and you win the gun fight only to still lose your ball.  Well Just thought 
I would bring this up in case Josh or someone from Draconnis could address 
this.  Well Time  to go and visit Old Man Stanley's house to see what he is up 
too.  Game On All!  Sly!Who wants a new party pack with a pool type table.  8 
ball any one?
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