Hi Ari.

personally, I found Gg far too easy even on the hard difficulty. While the audio and voice acting is good, the game's concept seemed a litle symple to me, and to be perfectly honest I only bought Gg because I wanted chillingham.

Chillingham on the other hand is a very nice game, ---- allbeit one with some distinct flaws. Once again, icely done audio, pluss a choose your own adventure type setup and a few puzles.

The problem is the game wasn't really long or challenging enough, and one particular section, ----- the bug hunting got rather repetative. A good idea, but a bit of a pest I thought.

Chillingham is one of these things which is a wonderful concept, deffiantely worth playing, but just slightly too short.

Then of course there's the lack of replay value, ---- though in fairness both games have such good acting and audio you can replay them in the same manner as you'd rewatch a film, ---- most particularly Chillingham.

If I could actually find wwhich safe place I stashed the cd's in I'd reinstall them myself on both of my computers, ------ but unfortunately I'm not sure where they went at the second.

That's my thoughts on the games anyway. If there ever was a Bavisoft mailing list, ---- I never heard of it.

Beware the Grue!


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