Hi Shaun,
Have you checked the sound format of the files of the games you are having a problem with? Most of my games now use 16 bit 22 k format but some games like our old DOS games used 8 bit 11 k as they were four times smaller. I noticed that they do not sound as good with my new computer as the 16 bit 22 k ones sound.
They did sound fine with my older sound card.

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No tom its  a realtech hd on a laptop.
there are standard drivers for it but my toshiba download site does not have the latest and judging with all the crashes I had after upgrading last time, I suspect that the drivers I have are specially designed for this laptop as there are no new updates for anything from toshiba.
I don't even know if things will work well or not.
Ofcause when ever I install anything on here there is always a chance it will be rood. I can't run klango for the same reason the system gets unstable, I have to uninstall it, and restart it a few times as well as do some other things to get it back to a reasonable state.
I Only reconise the crackles in headphones but they are getting quite bad.

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