You mention that the price for packman talks is currently two bunches of Cherries, however I'm slightly confused about this offer and have some questions.

Firstly, do you accept only cherries from the ghost maze region of cybersspace? And if so, would you accept any alternative ghost maze currency such as bananas, dots, or super power pills. 2: my paypal account does not currently support currency conversion from pounds to cherries, therefore would you accept payment in the alternative currencies mentioned above?

4: I think expressing gallions as a single payment method is incredibly unfair of you, given the current state of financial unrest and goblin irritation existing at Gringots wizarding bank. Are you aware that for anyone to convert pounds to gallions requires having a probety probe stuck up the, ---- well you can guess, not to mention possibly having a dragon set loose on them. I think your insistance on gallions is incredibly unreasonable given this circumstance.

While I would love to take advantage of your special offers, I'm afraid unless you accept alternative payment methods I will not be able to, and you may expect formal complaints procedures including a howler, and/or a litle yellow man turning up threatening to eat you.

Yours sincerely,

A rather puzled and hacked off potential customers.

yes, of course this is also a joke, grin! It just seems for every dodgy internet discount offer with obscure payment options there will be a puzled and hacked off customer.

Merry christmas!

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