Hi all.
Well its finally uploaded for those to do with as they feel like.
This will stay up until no one wants it, I have files I have left up for years 
and they still stay up.
This installer is about 29mb.
It was 28 before but I did some modifying.

fast and accessible.
no graphical images included or background colours.
user name prompts, start and end prompts.
Includes audio games guide and url to the audiogames page of the game.

multilanguage enabled.
Should also support undisplayable languages to.
Is at high compression with lzma ultra 64 both externally and internally.
the link is

Instructions to download.
click the link.

2 windows come up.
one of these is an add.
close this window.
Click download this file.
click skip add button.
the file will download.
Note if you don't have a pro account don't use a download manager as it will 
At least you should get good speed.
This site has not overloaded but sometimes is slow, worst I have seen is 10kbps 
but generally its faster than that.
I admit that everything is not all its supposed to be,, people like the 
manuals, and guides as they are so I left those alone.
but at least the install is in reasonable english and other things.
Oh don't worry about choosing language unless you wish to install the program 
using a different language as your language should be autodetected.
So if your user language  is english then it is.

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