Hi Dark,
Oh, I see what you mean. After creating your character have an adventure list that comes up that lists all the possible locations or possible adventures to choose from for your character.

Choose an Adventure.
(1) A Haunting in Blackwood
(2) Captured by River Pirates
(3) Lair of the Ice Lord
(4) Legend of the Werewolf
Enter your choice...

Is that kind of what you have in mind by a Eamon style adventure lobby? All of the above adventures can be played using the same character, but would all be independant quests and adventures.

dark wrote:
Hi Tom.

I didn't literally mean Eamon in terms of parza, ---- actually I'm not convinced of parzing commands in an rpg.

I only meant in the sense of a single centralized location like Eamon's main hall, from which a number of adventures could be accessed, and onto which more adventures could be added which could then all be undertaken with the same character.

I'd love the writing adventuresw option, sinse it's something I've very much always fancied doing, but do not have the skills required.

I have considdered writing a gamebook, and even have a plot, story, setting and several scenarios in mind, however I've yet to find a coherent way of creating a section plan, ----- even if writing in plane text, to show which section links to which and keep track of which bits of the book need writing.

A tree diagram would be ideal, but as two years of formal logic showed me, representing tree diagrams in textual form is a right pest! especially with a long tree.

This could of course just be me and my abysmal spacial/tabular logic understanding.

Anyway, the point is adventure creation would rock if possible and the Eamon model would be the best for that.

Beware the Grue!


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