That was back in late 2004, when Sryth was a very small game indeed and very much stil in developement.

Personally, i really don't mind tabbing through options at all, especially in an rpg game, for example when examining a big hall of items from a battle, I find it quicker to hit tab hit page down, and read an item's dewcription, then hit tab again to look at the next thing, than it would be to write x sword, x armour etc.

It's probably just a matter of what i'm used to. I started playing online text games in 2002, and didn't discover interactive fiction until about a year after that.

Having a list of single hotkey choices as you describe would be a nice halfway house.

Perhaps for inventory or loot management each item could be assigned a number in the list so you'd only have to type x1, x2, take 1 take 2 etc.

similar menues could be used in conversations (some of my favourite If games like Pythos mask use this systm), which would allow for some good interaction.

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