if you think in doing something more complex, it is almost impossible to
put sounds to all things, just think each adventure with it's sounds, it
will take sooo much more time to release each adventure.
End snip

That is a very good point, and I am glad you braught the issue up. If I am going to make an RPG of any real size adding sounds is pretty impractical both from a financial as well as a logistical standpoint. If I am going to add many monsters such as goblins, orcs, ogres, harpies, dragons, giants, skeletons, whatever then I need to supply sounds for all of those. If you have a special sword that has some magical properties then obviously you will expect that sord to sound different from a regular sword during your attack rolls. When you look at the logistics of it adding sounds could become a major undertaking. That's only looking at if we go with a strictly dungions and dragons kind of rpg. If I went with a Justice League style RPG there is no way I can do the same quality of sound design as JLA Heroes for the PS2. The PS2 game has cut scenes, hundreds of special sound effects, unlockables that I simply can't do on my limited budget. So text based would be easier to develope, and then the game would be more story driven rather than real time rpg like justice League Heroes is.

and with the options in tab menus, like. a field to
type what you want, then you type tab and it will going in the options,
like north, tab south, tab examine (x) object, combat etc
End snip

That isn't really going to be possible. Autocomplete features are a real pain to design as a rule, and if I design it to be cross platform then I need to be thinking of very simple low-level input handling which all languages have.

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