That's actually quite sad Che, sinse with hal myself and others have found the game incredibly fun, and quick and easy to play.

At the moment the only thing which is mildly long winded is traiding, and I'm in discussion with Niels to get that sorted out.

I don't know a lot about Jaws scripting, but judging by the game is compatible with Hal, I wouldn't have thought it would've been too difficult to get it working with Jaws, sinse as I understand it the main issue was with columnization and layout of the spoken options.

In Hal, the columns of options are read sequensially, and text is read line by line excluding the informational columns.

I assume this is because Hal's virtual focus correctly interprets the information as tables.

I would've thought, that getting jaws to interpret the information this wway would simply be a matter of sticking in correct tabularization marks? though i could well be wrong sinse I don't know too much about scripting.

all the best,


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