As you've probably gathered ken, the chronicles of Arborell is sort of one of my personal favourite things, ever!

I won't go on about how good it is though.

I'm not really sure how Xl works, but that file sounds incredibly handy, especially as there are other gamebooks etc using the same system. Wain dencely the gamemaster would deffinately be interested I think, but i actually suggest joining and posting up the file in the ARborell forum at There's a specific forum on there for Vi accessibility.

Sinse a completely randomized adventure is in the works for Arborell, your file will be useful I think.

As far as maps go, the maps aren't nethack style at all. One point of a gamebook is the getting lost and the need to create your own maps if you want them.

The maps are actually full maps of the surrounding area, with mountains, roades, woods etc marked. The Arborell Gamemaster has been kind enough to do a text described version, with objects mentioned and detailed directions on where various things go (just check in the windhammer section).

Really glad you like these.

Btw,Though imho Chronicles of Arborell is one of, --- if not possibly the finest thing of it's type on the net, several others do exist, which can be incredibly fun as well.

I sent an E-mail around a while ago with some links, or you can search through the database under the gamebooks genre catagory.

Hth, and please let me know how the xl thing works(I've had xl for years, I've just no idea how to use it), I've always just written everything down in a bog standard text editer and used Gma dice for my rolling.

all the best,


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