Appologies to anyone reading the forum, ---- yes, I'm lazy and can't be 
bothered to write the same stuff twice, but would be interested in discussing 
things in both places, hence the C&p.

I wasn't overly surprised at some of the games, ---- though I have to admit 
Super deakout did rather take me by surprise, and I was mildly surprised at 
final conflict. I would've expected a free rpg to be in there somewhere, ---- 
something like Logd or Kingdom of loathing, ---- though i don't know if the 
fact that bonuses are available in these games inclined people to think of them 
as commercial.

Speaking of commercial, I was slightly surprised to see Superliam in there. 
It's a very nice game, but I would've thought it could've been eclipsed by the 
likes of Rail racer. 

I also would've included Shades of doom but not Gma tank commander, ---- sinse 
despite it's really nice sfx, it's not really a long game.

I was also mildly disappointed to see that neither Sryth, nor Smugglers 3 made 

while I can understand Jaws users not voting for smugglers 4, I would've 
thought the popularity of S3 would've been noticed.

It does seem to say something for David Greenwood and Gma games though, that 
two of his games, ---- produced a while ago now, and one using his game engin 
were in the top 5 commercial slots, not to mention Technoshock which clearly 
borrows a lot from shades. 

Actually, I did wonder if technoshock's difficulty would've put people off, but 
evidantly not.

I'd have been interested to see what the other contenders would've been if it 
had been 10 games for each catagory instead of five, ---- especially given that 
the voting system gave people ten slots to play with. 

Hmmm, part of me does also wonder if some games got in there because people 
were attempting to think of 10 games for each slot instead of five. 

I know I put Gma tank commander and Technoshock in there myself, but probably 
wouldn't have if I'd have only been required to vote for 5 games of each type.

Beware the Grue! (who is most irritated and hungry that nobody voted for him). 

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