As people might know, at the moment I'm at my parents, and thus using my 

Obviously as I've been having lots of fun with Eamon lately, i wanted to go on 
playing, ---- even if I will have to start a new character. 

Like a good computer user the zip of the Eamon delux setup folder (along with 
all my other bits, bobs and programs), was duely backed up on my external 
harddrive, and transferred onto my laptop. 

Trying to install on the laptop however, I ran into a problem. 

run the install file,. the dos console window appears, ----- but nothing 

This confused me, afterall the laptop is running xp. 

Several unzippings of the folder and I get the same result, ---- which was 
mildly annoying being as I was in a small house by the sea with my parents and 
laptop and no internet, and would've rather fancied a bit of monster slaying 
(though as I played through many smugglers 4 missions, it wasn't a total waste 
gaming wise). 

In a fit of late night insomnia, I wander into windows explorer, and decide to 
try Eamon again, ----- afterall now I can redownload it just in case something 
went wrong with the copy. 

So I hit install, and up pops the Eamon install screen. 

wooohooo! however when i press enter to install to the C drive, ----- boop! oh 

I then suddenly realize, that I forgot to unzip the folder at all. 

Okay, maybe 7zip is the problem then. so, I unzip the folder with the default 
xp unzipping tool and taadaar! Eamon duely appears! 

so the moral of this story is, despite using it on my desktop, Eamon and 7zip 
don't agree. 

I'm not sure if this helps anyone out, but hopefully it'll give someone a laugh 
at my expense at least. 

Beware the Grue! 

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