My my my, its been awhile!
Ok folks, here's the latest web site updates to the galaxy, which I hope you 
all enjoy.

1. BSC Games has returnned to the galaxy!
2. Draconis Entertainment has returnned to the galaxy!
3. Links to all of the "Fantastic Games" lists" have been added to the "Gaming 
Galaxy Planets!" section.
4. The "new" site for USA Games Interactive has been added to the "USA Games" 
page. Need clearification if links to games that are mirrored by USA should 
have their own separate pages or should be included on the USA Games page. For 
example, games from "Danzi Games."
5. The "Galaxy News" will be updated with the latest web site changes, and so 
will the "Gaming Galaxy Discussion Room."
6. Still waiting to see if the Klango team will create an "Audio" 
forum for Klango users, or that creations of "user forums" will be implimented 
in the next update.

Hope you like the updates, and feedback is always welcomed!
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