My wife and I have been looking around for complex games which we can
both play. As she is sighted and I am not, this can occasionally pose
a challenge.
One genre that we have both rather latched onto are MUDs. She is an
fan of Miriani, as am I.
We have, however, been looking around for a good fantasy MUD. She hit
pay dirt when she discovered the MUD Lusternia, found at

Connection to this MUD is possible using any client, as far as we
know, via ports 23 or 2003.

There is a section in the beginning called your "Journey Through the
Portal of Fates."
Due to some options which are not as yet modifiable at that point,
some MUD clients react badly to the ansi characters and the onscreen
map, but these options can be turned off midway through the journey,
and the hosts are looking into enabling the modification of these
options immediately upon starting the journey.
tO modify the options, type CONFIG ANSI OFF and CONFIG MAPVIEW OFF for
the ansi characters and onscreen map respectively.

When asked to select a race, please keep in mind that you can easily
read about races and their characteristics on the Lusternia website.
The same is true concerning guilds, cities, and communes.

Another plus to Lusternia is that you can have as many characters as
you desire. Keep in mind, however, that Lusternia is a MUD with a
large player base. Therefore, they will delete low-level characters
upon only a few days' inactivity, so don't overdo it.

Since I've only been playing this MUD for a little while, there is
really no soundpack available. However, this could change rapidly,
either due to the colaborative efforts of my team, or through the
efforts of any of you.

I hope to see you there.

Dakotah Rickard

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