With all the gamebooks etc, I was wondering if someone would considder 
designing a mapping program, ----- probably to work with Sapi.

what I'm thinking of here is something which basically functions as a table 
with eddit boxes. 

You could start at coordinates 00 (so that they can both rise and fall into 
negative numbers), and move left and navigate left, right up and down with the 

I thought each box could have several text fields which you could tab betwene 
with the arrow keys and enter information about the location. 

Fields such as name, possible exits and additional information. 

This way you could create a map which you could quickly eddit while playing a 
gamebook or other game, and also be able to read through fairly easily, ---- in 
fact up to the author, some extra functions could be added such as the ability 
to mark a location, read all used boxes in a current column or row (handy for 
reviewing down tunnels, the ability to read out marked locations etc. 

With the amount of text adventures, gamebooks, and even audio games which have 
complex maps, i think this would be something which could really helpp. 

I've read the artical on using pins in a pizza box, but I must confess I've 
never personally found that method too convenient to work in construction. 

I actually got this idea from playing Eamon, which has that really useful 
habbit in maps of giving current information, such as "you are in a T 
intersection" and I thought this could really help if a program was constructed 
to do it, ----- especially with adequate read keys. 

Any thoughts would be welcome. 

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