On the one hand I'm enjoying the game, ---- on the other the carrying capacity 
bit is driving me up the wall#! 

I've died of hunger or thirst numerous times sinse it simply takes me too many 
command to drop all my belongings, take my food or canteen from my burro, drink 
or eat it, and pick everything up again! 

it's really annoying as I've been to some great places! At the moment I'm 
looking for a way to get a silver amulet, sinse that seems to be the next step, 
---- but other than chopping up peasants there's no way I can think of getting 

It's also mildly irritating to have to travel to a location just to see what's 
there (admittedly the traveling being fun), then having to go to a random 
location and pick up items, ---- eg my cape and two extra canteens which I 
bought to traverse the desert, then after I determined I really couldn't go 
into the desert until I'd got some other stuff (sinse i kept dying of 
exhaustion), have them take up carrying capacity, --- which even on a burrow 
seems remarkably limited when I'm visiting many places. 

I'll percevear though, sinse I really want to get enough money for a flyr, and 
I'd deffinately like to go to more dungeons, sinse other than slavhos, the only 
other place I found was the cave in forod, ---- which seemed impossible to get 
out of, even when I only went one direction and retraced my steps. This was why 
I bought the navaid, ---- but it doesn't seem to help there. 

Beware the Grue! 

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