This is a text file I'm creating that will eventually contain all combo challenges. link is at the bottom of this email. You guys can add to it if you wish, and reupload. If people contribute, we can probably finish it much quicker for everyone's benefit. A couple things I want to point out: 1. this particular file is for ps3, so if you have the game for the xbox 360 and decide to add content to the file, please don't write any references to xbox 360 buttons. It'll just confuse people if some challenges say x and others say a or something. create a separate text file and replace the buttons as needed if that's what you wish to do. I could've simply written attack 1, 2, etc for naming buttons, but I figured it would be much easier to write square, triangle, and so on. not to mention less confusion. 2. If you decide to add content, please keep the same format. It'll make things a lot simpler. 3. I can't possibly explain how to perform each combo. It would be way too time consuming. only the button combinations are listed. You will need to figure out if you need to wait between button presses, how long, if the moves are pro moves or normal moves, etc. This combo challenge guide isn't really suited for mk newbie's that have never played mk, it is for those of us that have played mk games for a long time and are familiar with its sound effects and mechanics.
Here's how to get to the combo challenge option.
1. From the main menu, hit x
2. go down twice, and hit x. this should be the penultimate option since the menus don't rap. 3. You'll find yourself at a character selection screen. Pick a person's who's combo challenge you wish to perform, and an opponent. 4. You'll be at a screen with 10 items you can move through from left to write. these don't rap either, and this is actually the list of challenges. They are also numbered starting from 1 at the far left, and ending with 10 all the way to the write. If you haven't completed any challenges for a particular character, you'll start at number 1. If you have completed some challenges, you'll start where you left off. so for instance let's say you completed Sonya's first 3 combo challenges, next time you pick her, you'll be at challenge 4. convenient, isn't it? also when you've completed a challenge, you'll move to the next automatically. You'll know you completed a challenge, cause you'll here a very distinct dinging sound. in fact, I believe it's the same sound you hear when you use a breaker. That's about it. I do want to point out that these challenges are... well... challenging to put it lightly. Trust me you will get very angry at the game and at your controller. disclaimer! I shall not be held responsible if you decide to toss your system out the nearest window. DO it at your own risk lol I think I've covered everything in this lengthy email. It'll probably be a great idea to save it cause I'll most likely not retype it. If you guys need some help with combo challenge, feel free to drop me an email and I'll respond as soon as possible. link is below

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