I've never really had much luck with lusternia or any other iron realms games for a couple reasons. Firstly the roleplay atmosphere just doesn't seem to fit no matter what race, class or the like I pick. The races don't seem to have their own cultures, it seems to be all guild based, and even then the roleplay I did see was very loose and didn't seem to make a lot of sense. There's a lot of things I'd like to try out in the iron realms games, like the colossus battles in lusternia, or the ship battles in achaea, but I can't get passed the roleplay thing. The other reason is that guilds are just, weird. You have to have player approval to get past a certain level of training, and it seems to me that to get into the guild, no matter which guild it is, you have to write a ton of reports and essays and do interview and, blah. I can see that sort of thing for like, a scholar's guild, but there's a sort of chaos knight guild in lusternia for which that makes absolutely no sense, same with the monks guild. Also, the little minigames like capture the flag and tag and such don't make sense at all in a roleplay atmosphere. I've suggested to them in the past that they put up sepperate servers of the games non-roleplay, since these muds would be awesome hack and slash, but I never got a response. I imagine for a non-roleplay version they'd have to take out a lot of the player run stuff like guild approval and the like, but that wouldn't bother me in the slightest since having some guy I don't know run a required aspect of the game doesn't sit well with me. Does anyone else think these muds would be great without roleplay constraints? If so, would you guys be willing to back me in suggesting it to them again?

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