Sorry, I guess I didn't make myself very clear on this point. Enforced roleplay, no matter how it works, generally isn't my cup of tea. Granted I never really got into the roleplay aspect of any of the iron realms games much, I was more interested in playing with the class and race skillsets and exploring and questing. So perhaps the loose roleplay I saw was in fact just my take on what I was seeing from an outsider's point of view.

You're right, having someone control your actions within a guild or political body is realistic, but it makes me uneasy all the same. Seems as though it'd be rather easy for someone to get power hungry or find ways to exploit the guild even in character. I guess I'm just a distrusting erson at heart, *grins*. Either way I'm not really trying to bash the mud. All I was really saying is that it'd be cool to have a non-roleplay version of the game to just get on, explore, quest, grind levels, etc, without having to worry about the politics and enforced roleplay. Just my personal opinion I suppose.

I still have to disagree about the exam thing though. It amuses me greatly to picture a giant barbaric warrior in spiked armor laying down his sword and sitting back with a parchment and quill to write out a report on why he should be allowed into the guild to submit to his superiors. Seems to me it'd make more sense to put him through weapon tests, training exercises, supervised battles and the like, to test his mettle and such. Each guild should have its own submission and acceptance processes rather than all of them being based on reports, interviews and the like. It just doesn't seem to fit, once again in my personal opinion.

From: "Dakotah Rickard" <>
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Subject: Re: [Audyssey] Moving up in Lusternia

Frankly, there are many roleplay aspects of Lusternia that I have
never seen conform to what you are saying.

I have three different characters, all of different races, and people
treat them differently. A lot of it has to do with where you are, what
city or guild you are in, more than what race you are, but I know that
going out of character or acting in a manner that violates a principal
of your race is forbidden. I've only been on for a little while, but I
haven't seen much in terms of any of the problems you speak of.
Also, it makes perfect sense to me to have another player control how
high you get in a guild. That is like real life. There are a lot of
rpg that just let you advance based on how much you kill or how many
quests you perform. That provides a weak atmosphere. Games completely
run by automation and npc interaction aren't that great for roleplay.
You can't have both good roleplay and a weak atmosphere. Having other
sentient beings in charge of your advancement is very, very realistic.
Most guilds do require some sort of exam or report, but that makes
sense, as guilds are influencial bodies politic in all Lusternian

As a note to Che, most guilds have a suggested training regiment. Read
GHELP, that's for guild help, and it'll probably obvious. If it's not,
I'm considering making a paladin character. I'll help if I can. As for
the queen ant quest, first, don't be afraid to ask in character. Some
quests are set up to be impossibler to do on your own. This one is
not, so I'll tell you about it. Go to newton Caverns, and get to the
shroomie kingdom through one of the portals. Go as far east as you
can, around the lake, and you'll find a road up the mountain. Kill
finks in that area and ant eggs will fall out of them.

Happy lusterniaing.

Dakotah Rickard

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