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You have got a point there. Over the passed few years there has been a lot of blurring between RPG and other styles of games because there is no reason why a third person or first person game can't contain some RPG type elements in them, nor is there reason why an RPG can't be played in the first person or third person as well. A vidio game series that does a RPG and first person mixture well is the Star Wars Jedi Knight series. While the entire series is played out using a first person game engine it does offer many RPG elements that improves the game play. You can choose to train certain force powers to get better force jumps, force speed, and various other force powers. You can even unlock some dark side force powers such as force lightning if you choose to take a more dark side route. Later games in the series also let you sswitch characters. In Mysteries of the Syth you start out with Kyle Katern, but after level 4 or so you would then play as Mara Jade until the end of the game. The JK series also offered alternative endings depending on what you do. In the sith temple Kyle is taken over by the dark side and Mara Jade has to decide how to handle it. In one situation if you refuse to attack Kyle and use force perswation on him you can turn him back to the light side. If you are a dark sider you can kill Kyle and become the new Sith Lord. If you don't care you can join Kyle as his Sith apprentice. In this way the game really does offer many RPG elements of game play even though it is technically an FPS. Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness also is an FPS/RPG combo. Throughout the levels there is all kinds of stuff around you can use to give Lara Croft various skill bonuses. If you lift a certain crate, move something, do this or that she will get stronger, faster, can jump higher, and so on. When you start out Lara isn't strong enough to kick a door in and has to use a key or a crowbar to pry the door open. However, if you strengthen her legs when you approach a door Lara will say something like, "I think i can kick that door in." In fact, the first few levels in Paris are mainly there to set up the games plot as well as allow you to train up various skills. those skills become quite helpful if not out right invaluable by the time Lara Croft actually gets to the job of tomb rading and treasure hunting. Jump skill bonuses will help you jump over any number of traps in the tombs. Being able to kick doors in comes in handy in various places in the game when you can't find a way to open the door or there isn't another way to gain entry. In this way Angel of Darkness is far more RPG based than the earlier games in the series. Anyway, the point is I guess being an FPS doesn't make it not an RPG. From a certain perspective they can be one and the same if created along similar lines. Definition therefore is not something set in stone. As for custom character creation i guess it depends on the game. In a game like Star Wars Mysteries of the Sith i always enjoyed playing as Mara Jade. In the Thrawn series, Jedi Academy series, and Hand of Thrawn series she realy comes off brash and sassy. I not only know her history, but I've always liked female characters with a bit of an attitude to them. Unfortunately after her and Luke get married she seams to have mellowed out some and lost some of the attitude that made her cool. Perhaps some of that can be attributed to the fact by then she was older, wiser, and a Jedi Master I don't know. Though the Mara Jade in the later books isn't quite as exciting as she was when she was first introduced. Maybe that is why the jurks killed her off in a few books back. I am still steamed over that one. Though, I hear she is going to return in a later bookas a fricking force ghost. It is enough to make me give up on reading new Star Wars books. Grrrr... Anyway, I digress don't i? So with that said I'll let you go, and head off for bed soon.

dark wrote:
Again Tom, a point of deffinition and semantics I think, sinse by that deffinition a lot of games, such as Zelda, alundra, and Lord of the rings on the snes do not count as rpgs.

Even in secret of mana (imho one of the best rpg games of all time), though you could name your characters there was no way of customizing them and they were heavily part of the story.

Also, though there was ganing xp with various skills and powers and individual leveling for the three characters of the party, these simply involved how much damage the various things did, and how much hp and mana the characters had.

For weapon combat, it was all action based, ie, you get close to a monster and whack it, and it took the requisite damage from the weapon.

It's true that the elemental magic weakness system was probably beyond what would be possible in the gma engine, sinse it involved different monsters or your party taking more damage or greater status effects from one of 8 elements, ---- all of which needed to be trained up individually by your magic using characters, but certainly the weapon combat was entirely action based and not the least random, simply based upon how much skill your character had with a weapon, and how tough the monster was.

Also personally, while I see the point of character creation, some of imho the finest rpgs such as the final fantasy serieshave had their appeal from the fact that you do not play as generic custom characters with a ccustom environment, but specific characters with history, backstory and their own goals.

Again though, I suppose this is just a matter of deffinition and personal preference.

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