Hi Dakotah,
wow, thanks for the tip! I thought gamefaqs.com should be a reliable source of advice but I better asked on the list first, hoping an experienced gamer would be able to give me some directions... :-) Well, I got the PSX emulator itself configured and working perfectly, the game runs fine, my brother has described the basic 10 characters selection screen to me, so I can already play just okay. I will still have to get him describe the main menu layout, the options menu and the character screen as I unlock more characters again. :-) Love this game so much! Most of the easy to control characters you mentioned also used to be my favourites, especially Paul as he has one attack that could take the opponent's whole life at once if you were lucky. :-) But I have a problem. Whenever I attempt to retrieve the move list faq from GameFAQs, with either Window-EYES 5.5 or Jaws 7.10 but always using MS IE 7, the browser seems to crash when loading the page, my laptop's fan starts working at maximum performance and the screen reader just stops talking entirely. I have to kill Iexplore in the task manager to get the computer to talk to me again. :-) Don't know at all why this is happening. So, I am asking you again as your insightful reply from yesterday was just cool, for help. Could you please provide me with a direct link to a full and comprehensive move list of all the available characters, or perhaps even send it to me in a plain text file if possible? I know I must be pretty demanding, but I just have no clue why the GameFAQs page crashes my browser and I would really love to be able to learn the character moves somehow... Thanks a lot for any help in advance and sorry for bothering you again... Wish I was able to cope it on my own, just like with the emulator, but I'm probably just too lazy already. :-D Lukas

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