Hi To all, from Ron and Boz.
I finally got a chance to pick up the Phillips hand held game controller
model sgc2909.
The controller looks like this.
With the unit facing you. You have the cable plugged into your usb connecter
and it is on the top of the unit. There are two flat buttons to the left of
the cable one button to
the back and there is one directly under that button. Then across the top of
the controller to the right of the cable on the right hand edge of the unit
are two more buttons and they're located just like the two buttons on the
left side of the connection cable. One button above another button. Maybe
DJC AKA Don can tell us what these four buttons are and what their functions
Now looking at the face of the unit. The best way to describe the unit is
that we have a left column of buttons, a center column of buttons and a last
column of buttons on the far right hand side.
Lets take the far left buttons first.
These four buttons are your basic four directional buttons. They're triangle
shaped buttons. You have your up arrow, which is at the top. Diagonally from
this button about three o'clock is the right arrow button, then at the six
o'clock is the down arrow button, then at the nine o'clock is the left arrow
Now we come to the center. You'll feel a slight bubble, this is the visual
display. Just to the left is the escape key and to the right of the display
is the enter key.
Now if you find the display bubble as your center,Just below the display is
a group of four buttons in a diamond like shape. The top button is just
under the display . This button is the digital analog mode button. I don't
think we'll want to play with this button to much. I could be wrong on this
since I'm still learning the unit myself. But if you keep coming down from
that button you'll see nothing then if you go down a little further, you'll
run into another button. This button is the game mouse button. If you get
back in between these two buttons, you'll see a button to your left and a
button to your right. This makes up the diamond shape of these four buttons.
Maybe DJC could refresh my memory on these buttons once again.
This takes care of the center column of buttons.
Now we come to the far right hand side of the unit. We run  into another
diamond shape of four buttons once again. But these buttons are round in
Now I don't know what these buttons are either.
But for an example for puppy one. I have the three o'clock button as  my
view button and my nine o'clock button as my fire button.
This was the only thing I had to do so that Puppy one would work
with the flight controller.
The one main thing I have to remember is that the two round knobs at the
bottom are your joysticks and they are very very touchy. They don't take
much to go in the direction that you want to fly in.
So for Puppy one, it is real easily to fly past the enemy planes and then
you get shot down. GRIN.
I did manage to shoot down 67 enemy planes down on the experience level 
So I do have one game under my belt thus far.
I now have to work with out back, blast chamber, troopanum, hunter and the
new three d velocity flying game.
I'll keep everyone up to date on my opinion on this hand controller.
But so far I kind of like it.
But so far with just puppy one. I like it.
So this is my opinion of the flight controller for now.
Ron who finally broke away from the keyboard. GRIN.
Matt & Ron Kolesar & there great Dogs!


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