The sound of the giant rats in sod fascinates me.
I would like to share my experience I had with a meercat.
This little animal makes two types of sound and it reminds  me of the giant 
rats in sod.
this little animal, the meercat, his skin feels slightly like a dog's skin.
he is always very playful but his bite is sore.
he can easily cause little wounds with drops of blood but his intention is only 
to play.
we were visiting friends on their farm and they own this meercat.
his name is sassy.
they actually had 2 but the other one got tramped by horses as she bit the 
horses heels.
by playing with the meercat I learned 2 things about the giant rat in sod.
firstly, the character in sod must be a super human as the giant rats doesn't 
take much of his health.
if I allow the meercat to bite me continuously in one place I would have ended 
up with a huge wound.
and the meercat's bite is too sore to allow it to just bite me in one place.
so this character in sod must have a very high constitution.
although sod's character groan when the giant rat bites him because his health 
slightly decreases it means he must be a superhuman which doesn't really exist.
secondly, either david should rename the giant rat to meercat or he must give a 
much deeper growling sound to his giant rat.
to my mom the meercat sometimes looks like a rat and sometimes she thinks its a 
supposedly a rat is almost the same size as a meercat therefore also making a 
high pitch squeaking sound so david's name for this monster doesn't fit.
I suppose my post is on  topic as the gist of this post was:
discussing a game sound.
have anybody got to do with rats, meercats and raskles who can share their 
can anybody agree or disagree with me about the giant rat sound in sod?   

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