If any of you have played the Wii, you know that it's just about impossible to 
start, since on the startup screen there are seven buttons to push--four on top 
and three on the bottom, which makes for a confusing and frustrating day at the 
Wii console.  Even though you know the one you want is in the top left corner, 
you just can't seem to find it and instead find yourself adjusting your 
daughter's mii... (which is the way she programmed her character to look in the 
games.)  Incidentally, I gave hers quite the hairdo.  
With the screen in such a state, you might spend an hour starting the game you 
want and have time for a match of tennis before dinner time--if you're lucky.
Well, fear not Wii fans, because I have found a solution.  You'll need sighted 
assistance for this but...
In addition to the page containing the start game icon, there are three or more 
pages with additional channels.  There are two ways to get to those pages--the 
plus and minus keys on the Wiimote, or the arrows on the screen.
What we are going to do is to drag each channel, (accept for the one we 
want--the start game icon,) to another page.
Have your friend hold a and b together while pointing at a channel, then move 
to the right arro and let go--and they have successfully moved the channel.  
You'll know it because you'll hear a chirp from the Wii and your friend saying, 
Have them do this for the next five channels, and you're done.  You now have a 
startup screen with only one button--well, plus the arrows, but they won't do 
anything accept change pages and you just hit the minus button to get back to 
the first page--no harm done.  So now all you do is move the Wiimote around 
till it vibrates and you're there.  Make sure that your assistant moves the 
channel you want--the start channel which, if they can't figure it out, will 
say "Wii sports," on it if that CD is in, to a place far away from the 
arrows--the upper left corner perhaps. I can now start the game almost every 
time I try it, although somehow another channel appeared on the first page--but 
that's what happens when you let your children play with adults' toys!  LOL
Well, if any of you have or are considering to purchase a Wii, I hope this 
Ken D
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