Ken, just for reference here there is a world of difference between Visual Basic 2008 and Visual Basic 6. I am honestly not suprised you encountered troubles upgrading Enemy Attack to Visual Basic .NET. The import wizard will do the best it can, but there is only so much it can do before you have to manually edit the programs source and fix the differences by hand. There is a lot of new concepts and features of Visual Basic .NET you should really know before you start upgrading all of your VB 6 projects over.

Ken wrote:
All right, you've won me over I think. I just got quite miffed when the upgrade program produced so many errors in Enemy Attack. My goodness, can you imagine how that would play on the wii? Anyway, I'll look into it for sure and start writing again. My brother broke my last computer and, until I get it integrated with the new one, I cannot continue with Wrecking Ball, though I may have put the source for Air Hockey up on my site, I can't remember--unless there is a way to decompile the exe file? I think that both Enemy Attack and Wrecking ball will both be great Wii games. For Enemy attack I'll use the sensor bar for aiming, and since only two or three enemy will be coming at you at once it won't be hard to point and shoot--just like using the mouse. Oh I can't wait to start programming. My only obstacle now is getting a bluetooth adapter and stack that will connect the Wiimotes to the PC--I've heard of many troubles in that regard, and that only the Tashiba Blue Solleil works, and that it's a 30-day trial.
Anyway, back to gaming!

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