I've just started playing Warriors 2 and i'm incredibly impressed! 

It's a text rpg which functions on a dayly turns model similar to Kingdom of 
loathing, where your character an adventure in various locations. 

What impresses me, is the exploration factor. You literally have to find 
everything in the game, even down to armeries, and bridges to various zones. 
There are literally thousands o encounters, and several hundred quests, pluss 
item crafting, and sinse you need to look for everything in the game, the find 
factor is huge! 

the only two downers is that sinse the gm is Sweedish, the language can be 
slghtly roapy, and combat is totally automatic, so sometimes you end up just 
walking into a fight and dying. 

On the pluss side death isn't that bad sinse you start again the next day. 

The Gm has also been great about alt text on images, and at the moment we're 
discussing ways to help vi players find their way in dungeons sinse the colour 
map isn't available. 

anyway, I can recommend this one for anyone who likes exploration. 

Don't be put off by the subscription thing. If you check the difference betwene 
free and subscribed accounts, you do get a lot of stuff for free, it's just 
that rather than the game being presented as a free game you can subscribe to, 
it's preented as a subscription game which has a fee play ption (though 
actually you get more for free than in some suposedly free rpgs), and the 
subscription is an absolute pittence, 20 usd for six months, ---- from which 
you also get absolutely loads of spare turns. Oh, and though there are clans, 
there is as far as I can tell almost no pvp at all, ---- though there are clan 
wars and contests for those who want them. 

anyway, I can recommend this one. The url is http://www.warriors2.com/ 

Beware the grue! 

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