Hi Richard,

Thanks for your help with the Audiogames.net entry.
I just made the changes.
Here are the details (warning, it's lengthy):

1) Platforms: Windows. >>> actually, we include ALL platforms - hence our
listings of more experimental games like Demor but also Nintendo DS games
like Sound Voyager.

Since you are no dummy, it’s obvious that we didn’t make clear that we
cover only Windows and Mac. So I did two things: a) Changed the
Methodology section to emphasize this. b) Added Macintosh to your entry.
(Sorry I missed that.)

2) AudioGames.net was founded in 2002, not 2003.

I got that date from the Wayback Machine at archive.org, where your
earliest entry is 2003. I changed the date to what you said.

3) You forgot to mention that - similar to PCS Games - AudioGames.net also
links to A BIG LIST of free games that cannot be found anywhere else. This
includes three exclusive Playcenter Games: Drive (Sneller), The Curb Game
and Sudo-San, as well is NO LESS than 42 ! Indie audio games - all available
through The Experimental Audio Games Section
(http://www.audiogames.net/playcenter/index_exp.php). We not only link to
these games, we also host them!

We did indeed say that you offer “…over 300 FREE downloadable accessible
games…” BTW. Dark bonked me on the head earlier to be sure I said that.

I added a reference to your excellent links page and a note about the 42+
Indie audio games. Thanks for that.

Didn’t mention the hosting because, again,  Marketing wants this focused
only on PCs and Macs.

4) Categories: Community, Games, Information, Reviews, Help. >>> don't know
if this falls under the "information" category, but we are one of the very
few websites out there to list (in an annotated fashion) academic-related
material about audio games, such as academic papers, articles, etc.
(including inaccessible material made accessible). This may not seem like a
big deal, but actually our Resources page
(http://www.audiogames.net/page.php?pagefile=articles) has ended up in
various important publications - something of which I'm personally quite
proud of.

Done.  And you should be!

5) You forgot to mention that we also host MOD downloads to various games
(http://audiogames.net/page.php?pagefile=mods) .

Damn! I never considered mods. Had to add that one too. Sorry for the

6) The audio reviews are not ours (may seem like that how you list it), we
only provide a list of links to audio reviews on other websites.

Thanks.  I clarified that. It’s a good list of resources.

So I think that covers about everything. If you see anything else
egregious, please let me know.

And thanks again for the corrections. This thing is going out to a lot of


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