OK, I do like the mota demo.
However I have found a few things that I don't like about this game.
first and biggest thing I really don't like
Is the games speech can't be interrupted.
the time when this gets extremely annoying is say if I am in a really big room with a lot of objects, and I am climbing a rope to try to find the ledge. now of course I have to use the view command to get an idea of where I am in relation to the ledge. but every time I press v I have to listen to the hole list of everything in the room and where it is in relation to me. not only that but while speech is playing I can't move to go up or down the rope. and if I am on a rope and some way above or below the ledge, I have to listen to the same list of objects 4 or 5 times. to my mind this is a serious floor. the issue with not being able to interrupt the speech or move while its being sounded might mean I didn't buy the game unless it was changed. as I am finding it intensely irritating.

My other question also relates to the speech in the game. Why exactly are you recording wav files with everything the speech needs to say? when it is easy to make sapi on the computer output what needs to be read out. having the wav files like this means a user is forced to work with a particular voice that they might not like. plus all these files massively increases the size of the installer.

The other issue I have noticed is there doesn't seem to be any sound or feature that indicates when you can open fire on an enemy, because of this I have wasted a lot of ammo. or is this because I am not picking up on a feature of the game? I no this sounds like I am just bashing the game, but I don't mean to. I do like the game and I think it is quite good for a side scroller.

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