Well, I know I said on the usa list that because I'l be doing my last night of 
patience I'll have my head full of Gilbert and sullivan, ---- including 
mincing, and wearing of flower pots and dustbin lids (it's an aesthetic thing), 
I'd not be doing some thoughts on Mota, ---- but as I've now finished the demo 
I probably should. 

Firstly, I really like the sounds and the various features in the game. Water 
and oxygen and the manual use of torches is deffinately a good idea. Also the 
weapons system is incredibly fun giving lots of things to play with. 

I'm incredibly impressed with music as always, and I'm looking forward to 
seeing more puzles and traps in the game. 

the first thing about the weapons sytem though, is it would be really handy to 
be able to examine your weapons' amo from the selection menue, to best manage 
your resources, ---- sinse afterall you want to save heavier weapons for the 
more serious creatures, ---- provided you've got the amo of course. I would 
therefore deffinately suggest adding the ability to review amo with A key while 
in the weapons selection list, ---- either that or have the weapon's amo spoken 
to you when you go up and down in the list (either would be fine). 

Then, there is the doors and enemy's thing. Sometimes i've opened a door and 
found myself literally next to a centaur or a skeleton. This is of course 
absolutely fine, however it'd be nice to know when this was about to happen so 
that I could prepare appropriate action. Obviously the best way is using the V 
key, however this also tells me about all objects around and behind me. A "look 
ahead" key, ---- for example alt pluss left or right arrow, to be used on the 
fly would be incredibly useful I think, and help intigrate viewing objects and 
interacting with them. 

Finally, while it loaths me to report something that let me finish the expert 
mode of the demo without taking a single hit, I do feel it's necessary for game 

I didn't first realize the thing behind the final statue was a cyclopse, --- 
when I heard the clanging sounds and started taking damage I actually assumed 
it was one of those poisoned dart traps, --- so I ducked. 

This stopped me from taking damage at all. I therefore did some squat jumps 
past, and got the key, and it was only when I viewed the room that I realized 
this wasn't a dart trap. 

I punched the cyclopse a few extra eye hole with my shot gun, ----- stil 
ducking and avoiding it's swinging sword then finished the demo. 

then, I tried the same trick on other monsters, ---- and I can only assume the 
ancient Greeks had some sort of honour code about never attacking a kneeling 
opponent, sinse the Good doctor got through without a scratch, ---- even on 
expert, by symply ducking and knee capping all opponents. 

while it makes a lot of sense to me that some attacks, ---- such as the harpies 
electricity and expert, by symply possibly the centaur's arrows could be 
ducked, ---- it does seem odd that they all! can be. 

How about making the centaur's arrows duckable, while the harpy's electricity 
(as it goes along the ground), needs to be jumped, ie, you have to jump up when 
you here it firing. 

I'm not sure about sword attacks, ---- maybe sinse their closer range they 
couldn't be ducked (ie, the warriors swing accurately, so you need to run away 
and use ranged weaponry. 

Just some thoughts. 

Deffinately looking forward to seeing more of the game, ---- especially more of 
the traps and ambience at deeper levels of the temple. 

Beware the Greu! 

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