Hi Dark,

Dark Said:
the first thing about the weapons sytem though, is it would be really handy to be able to examine your weapons' amo from the selection menue, to best manage your resources, ---- sinse afterall you want to save heavier weapons for the more serious creatures,
---- provided you've got the amo of course.

Tom Says:
That is a very good suggestion. That should be fairly easy to add by the next beta. Not to mention very useful as I myself don't like switching to each and every item just to find out how much of each I have.

Dark Said:
Finally, while it loaths me to report something that let me finish the expert mode of the demo without taking a single hit, I do feel it's necessary for game balance. I didn't first realize the thing behind the final statue was a cyclopse, --- when I heard the clanging sounds and started taking damage I actually assumed it was one
of those poisoned dart traps, --- so I ducked.
This stopped me from taking damage at all. I therefore did some squat jumps past, and got the key, and it was only when I viewed the room that I realized this wasn't
a dart trap.
I punched the cyclopse a few extra eye hole with my shot gun, ----- stil ducking
and avoiding it's swinging sword then finished the demo.
then, I tried the same trick on other monsters, ---- and I can only assume the ancient Greeks had some sort of honour code about never attacking a kneeling opponent, sinse the Good doctor got through without a scratch, ---- even on expert, by symply ducking
and knee capping all opponents.

Tom Says:
Yeah, we are aware of this issue, and are currently in the process of fixing that issue. In the next beta you will not take damage immediately when you duck, but if you remain ducking/crouching enemies will correct their aim and hit you no matter weather you are standing or crouching. So you are likely to find the next beta more challenging and with a lot of personal request or suggestions fulfilled.

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