Hi all,

rather than repete myself several times, answer each and every e-mail at once, etc I have now eelected to begin answering multiple questions in the format of one e-mail a day.I'll cross post it to both lists so everyone gets the same info at once.

Prannav Asked:
Will the game run if I run it from a limited account? I will of course do
the installation using an account that has administrative privileges.

Tom Says:
Yes, but if you are using limited accounts you need to install it to your local user account directly. Since you mentioned Windows XP you might install it to some place like
c:\Documents and Settings\Prannav\USA Games\Tomb Hunter I
so XP gives you full rights and privlages on everything.
Under Vista and Windows 7 you would do the same thing by installing to
c:\Users\Prannav\USA Games\Tomb Hunter I
which is the same thing, but doing it the Vista/Windows 7 way.

Matheus Asked:
i'm going to do a translation to portuguese of the game if you allow me.
of course it don't will be good as the english is bekause i don't have
actualy good female voices to do that, i'll just record all in sapi.
can you suggest some program that hmm, will help me in doing that? for
example, a program that i write something, and it's converted to wav
with the voice or something like it.
for example, what you used to record all the speech?

Tom Says:
Yes, we use Text Aloud to do this. It is available for $29 USD  from
and if you are willing to do the work for a language pack we are willing to post it for our foreign speaking players.

Charles Asked:
Could the screen reader be running in the background rather than being unloaded,
as just putting JAWS to sleep instead of unloading it from memory?

Tom Says:
Yes. One of the features of the Genesis Engine is it will disable DirectInput when the game Window does not have focus. This allows you to use Hal, Jaws, Window Eyes, etc to perform other tasks without closing the game.

Kai Said:
I'm mildly curious as to the lack of encryption on this title's audio files, even
while in beta.
Given that it's been released in public beta, and that this product is intended to generate capital, I'm quite surprised at your decision not to encrypt the game
data in one form or another.

Tom Says:
While we know there is a potential risk of leaving our sounds and music unencrypted we also feel there should be some freedom to modify the game for personal use. For example, if someone speaks a native language other than English it is only fair that they could record all the speech files in there native tongue and replace the wav files with the ones in their language. Also as this is a spin off of Tomb Raider we also think people should be able to copy Tomb Raider sounds, music, into the game and play it that way if they want. I don't care as long as they are not steeling our sounds and music for commercial use.

Will Asked:
how does having a weapon out stop me jumping?

Tom Says:
Lots of good reasons here. Basically, a heavy weapon would drag you down, throw you off balance, or if you neded to grab a ledge or something to break your fall your hands would be full. Rule of thumb is just to holster it an have your hands free.

Will Asked:
what is the difference now in the difficulty  levels?

Topm Says:
Wellk, we are still working on it. Right now torches don't last as long, enemies are harder to kill, better scoring, etc. We are still working out the details on this.

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