Greetings Thom et al.

The game code isn't taking into consideration the sound being played when a 
weapon is fired, and apparently thinks the sound is about 0 seconds long.

If you fire the pistol, for example, you have to wait a while before the pistol 
sound will play again (simulating pistol speed / delay?). However, if you keep 
tapping your firing button even while the sound is playing for your first shot, 
you lose ammo, but no further sounds occupy the usage of said ammo.
Furthermore, I'm not sure that the lost ammo is affecting any damage to an 
available target (I unloaded about 20 magnum bullets (only two or three shots 
actually sounded) on the cyclops (on intermediate) in this fashion without ever 
killing him).

Given the modular design of the sounds in MOTA, is there a delay function on 
slower weapons that will only let the firing button use ammo when it actually 
is supposed to? And, in that case, can subsequent sounds for the same weapon 
overlap, rather than replace previous sounds?
Reasoning: A weapon's speed/sound is probably pretty short, whereas the sound's 
decay time can be long (echo effect). This way, guns would sound more realistic.
If the sounds were simply to replay themselves, interrupting the previous 
shot's decay, you'd have some very cut-off sounds for shots, with unnatural 
ending effects.

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