Hi Tom.

Sounds like a good idea.

One thing I've noticed though in Mota is you get hit immediately as the sound of the enemy's attack plays, ---- unless you are ducking, there is no option to here it and jump backwards or duck. There is certainly an option to move betwene the enemy's attacks, ---- ie, stand up and run backwards (which was how I squat jumped past the cyclopse), but at the moment it does seem if you here an attack, your pretty much hit unless ducking.

I would personally like to see a possibility of dodging enemy attacks rather than just being hit and using healing potions, ---- of course such dodging shouldn't be easy, but imho having the possibility to complete the game without taking a single hit is one of the nicer challenges about games with energy meters, ----- one reason I'm such a Mega man fan.

You ccould even iconsidder some sort of reward to the player, ---- such as a damage bonus.

Of course, this depends upon how you've coded the attacks, and whether you've coded them with the possibility of an avoidence modifyer, ie, ducking or jumping, ---- not to mention a sound indicator to show when the enemy is swinging high or low, ----- or more correctly a sound indicator when the enemy is swinging low, sinse obviously they'll start off swinging high and their default sounds would indicate such.

Just some thoughts on the challenge factor.

I'll look forward to the next beta.

Beware the grue!


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