I want to give yall some tips and tricks on Guitar rage.  I love this game!
First, you CAN use it with JAWS.  To read the screen, turn jaws cursor on like 
always and go through it.  To move, do insert f3 then the up or down arrow.
Second, you can't hear what Jaws is telling you, so go into the base folder, 
then to temas, then rock band, then media, and turn down the menu songs 
(menu_thetrees and one other one.)
If your program says the wave files are the wrong length, just make sure you 
have the zip file for the game, just in case, then feel free to modify them 
anyway--no harm done...  Also turn the livin' on a prayer song down 75%.
Now if you've noticed, it sounds as if songs are being skipped when you arrow 
up and down--it plays a tune for a second, then a different one.  These are 
just songs that play while the highlighting of the menu adjusts itself, not a 
glitch in the game.
Second, go to musicas and turn the preview songs down to about a quarter of 
their present volume.
Now, I don't know about the highlight features but I expect that the currently 
highlighted menu item is a different color, so you should be able to set Jaws 
up to pick out the right item.
Now, I know that the program is  in Portuguese, but with a little thought most 
of these things can be figured out--temas is teams, practicar is practice, and 
so on...
 so the top is online, then offline, (translated literally as not online,) then 
training, then exit I believe.
Then the folder option comes up, just press enter unless you're using multiple 
folders for some strange reason.
Then the difficulty level comes up, the topmost being easy, the bottom the 
Then, after you press enter there, you can choose from guitar, bass and drum in 
that order.  Press enter.
If you don't like a selection, or want to do something else, you can always hit 
escape.  (JAWS users press insert f3 first.)  Then you're in a new menu: 
resume, new song, and main menu from top to bottom.
Finally, you can configure the program using the config.ini file in the base 
directory.  Not clear on all the options, but the main things I want to point 
out here are full screen mode and the game keystrokes.
Please do not use fullscreen mode!  If you do, and need to get to something 
else, the game will not pause the song when you tab through the windows, so 
JAWS will get drowned out, so leave that at 0.
Next, the keystrokes: these are ASCII values, so the first button (bt1,) is set 
to 65 which is the a key.
My keys are mapped a s d f and g for the the guitar and bass keys, and z x c v 
b for the drum keys.  L key is set to BtPower, and the space bar (32,) is set 
for the whammy.  I leave the strum feature on, and use ascii 13, the enter key, 
for it.


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