The footstep sounds. A step on stone is a correct movement. A sandy sound
means you brushed up against a wall and can't go any more in that direction.
There is no penalty for walking into a wall. Some audio games I played would
blast this shrieking noise whenever you bumped into a wall. I thought that
was ridiculous, so I tried to make it as inoffensive as possible.

The stairways are announced when you enter a room with one. They currently
don't have any audible sound outside that.

I'll see about making the weapons and armor easier to distinquish. Copper is
in-fact harder than bronze, but it depends on the alloy. I just took the
average hardness for bronze. Making bronze weapons had advantages over
copper because adding tin (or lead, or arsenic) lowered the melting
temperature of the alloy. This isn't modeled in Entombed, so for now at
least, copper is the better metal when compared to bronze. I might make
copper edges duller in some future update to simulate some advantages bronze
had over copper weapons.

Glad you're enjoying it! It's in heavy development right now and probably
will be for some time.


On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 2:21 AM, Allan Thompson <>wrote:

> Hi Dark,
> I just read Jason's email about the heirarchy of metal armor and he said
> that it was bronze, copper then iron.
> An analyze spell would be very cool, but a character with the fighter job
> perhaps could judge value of weapons and armor as well, or perhaps a dwarf
> or blacksmith like race/class might have an innate ability to tell the exact
> numeric value of some materials, like maybe stone or metals for dwarves,
> wood types for an elf or druid or ranger type  job/race, things of that
> nature. I am only guessing about all that, I have only found two cards
> playing the  game.
> al
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