The key below escape is a key I use for testing. I sometimes forget to
disable it. It's not used for anything in normal game play.

Zombie Rot potions cure zombie rot. Zombie rot used to be a serious plague
in earlier versions of Entombed, but it doesn't show up much (or at all) in
the new version. It will certainly have another outbreak in the future.
Being afflicted with Zombie Rot is a serious condition that should be
treated immediately.

Your character has no hand preference. They tend to hold things in their
left hand because it's the first choice when wielding weapons.

No magic points command yet, but I'll fix that in the future. You start with
100. Every spell currently costs 10. You can replenish them by resting.

I plead the 5th on corpses and body parts. They may or may not be useful.


On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 3:09 AM, Allan Thompson <allan1.thomp...@cox.net>wrote:

> Hello again,
> I had a few more questions and such.
> by the way, I was playingthe game and I had accidentally hit the "grov" key
> (it is directly under the escape key) and when I pressed it, my character
> managed to cut his hand off.
> Also, what does the zombie rot potions do? I have drank them, made members
> of my party drink them, and I have thrown them at enemies, but they don't
> appear to do anything.
> Do the playable characters have a primary and secondary hand, or does it
> matter which hand you put which weapon?
> Is there a command to tell how much magic points a magic using character
> has left?
> Are the corpses left after a battle useful for anything?
> thanks,
> al
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