Hi Zack,
Yes, I am beginning to see the problem. Slackware's lack of Gnome support is one of the reasons I totally stay clear of that distro. It is alright if all you want is a command line only environment, but if you want to play games that requires Gnome, use Open Office, Firefox, or a hundred other Gnome based applications you are basically screwed. Compiling Gnome from scratch, plus mono, gnome-sharp, etc is not something I would want to wish on my worst enemy let alone a potential customer. Have you considered some sort of multiboot setup. You could keep Slackware on one partition since you favor that distro, but install something like Ubuntu on another so you could access a fully operational Gnome environment, easily install Mono, etc for any graphical applications? I'm just throwing this out there as a suggestion as I know from first-hand experience compiling a fully working Gnome desktop, mono, bla by hand is very very painful. Plus there is a boatload of Mono and Gnome dependancies MOTA requires that are native to Fedora and Ubuntu, and some distributions such as Slackware lack. It is things like this that makes targeting Linux difficult. No two distros are a like, and while one might have everything you need right out of the box the next distro doesn't have it at all. it is enough to drive a developer insane.

Zachary Kline wrote:
Hi Tom,
I suppose the best reason I can give for not switching to Gnome is that
I find the command line quite powerful enough.  I have Emacspeak
installed on this machine, which lets me send email, read Usenet news,
etc.  Speakup lets me play all the linux compatible games I want.
edbrowse and Emacs/w3 provide web browsers, LaTeX is my word/math
All this being the case, I might be persuaded to install Gnome over here
if MOTA came out for it.  This is a Slackware system, which doesn't make
Gnome easily available by default, but I can get it if I want it.
Hope this explaination makes sense.

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