I think it's important to thank tom for all he does despite the constant 
keep up the good work!


On Sun, 08 Mar 2009 11:40:47 -0500, Thomas Ward wrote:

>ok, there are alot of questions and ansers here and i'll try and answer 
>them all as best I can. Here goes.
>Aaron Asked:
>When I get too close to the giant to hit, he can still hit me. Is this 
>supposed to
>be the case?
>Tom Says:
>There is no minimum range feature for the enemy AI so for the moment it 
>works like it is suppose too. That could change in a future release, but 
>for the moment it is only doing what it is programmed to do.
>Aaron Asked:
>The guns don't do any damage to the giant it seems. Why is this? I can't 
>why arrows would hurt him but guns don't even begin to.
>Tom Says:
>That's  because those are enchanted arrows not normal arrows. Magic 
>weapons have a much higher melee rating than standard ones. Once the 
>User's Guide gets completed all of this will become more clear, and 
>hopefully make much more sense.
>Aaron Asked:
>I'm wondering if we can re-implimint ducking the way it used to be, so 
>you can stay
>ducked as long as you want, it just doesn't do you any good to stay 
>ducked down for
>more than one hit because the enemy will compensate.
>Tom Says:
>I suppose so. However, that feature is going to take a lot of time and 
>energy to get working properly, and just be patient with me please. That 
>is only one of several issues I am trying to work on as I find the time 
>to do so.
>Aaron Said:
>I also believe the pistol and the  combat knife should still be useable 
>in such close
>contact. The pistol could be jammed against the enemy and fired that 
>way, and the
>knife could be jabbed at the enemy from the side etc.
>Tom Says:
>I've already explained the reason why I used a minimum range for each 
>weapon. Basically, if you are too close to an enemy creature the firing 
>code starts screwing up. To fix that problem means I basically have to 
>completely rewrite the firing code from scratch. Since this is not a 
>simple or easy job I'd truly appreciate if all of you would lay off the 
>subject for a while. I'm really beginning to feel a bit irritated about 
>the constant requests for me to fix this. I will, but don't keep on my case.
>Besides that the minimum range constants are usually what you would 
>expect any way. For example the knife has a minimum range of 0.5 units 
>which is equal to 6 inches. That should be close enough anyway for most 
>purposes. So I don't really understand why most of you are complaining 
>about the minumum range values. Most of the time you probably don't even 
>notice them except in a case where you need to backup to give yourself a 
>little more room.
>Aaron Asked:
>In the menues, should the first item in the menu be selected 
>automatically and spoken
>after the menu title is heard?
>Tom Says:
>No, and I have a very good reason not to do so. The main reason is I am 
>having a technical issue with DirectInput where a key repetes even when 
>it shouldn't. For example if you were to press enter on new game and you 
>landed on the first item in the mode menu it would automatically select 
>arcade mode, open the experience menu, automatically select beginner, 
>and continue until you either released the key or it could no longer 
>open any menus. To solve that problem for the moment I pass a 0 to the 
>new menu function so that enter can't do anything until you scroll to an 
>actual valid menu option. Does this make sense?
>Aaron Asked:
>In the view scores menu, should the score be spoken without having to 
>press enter?
>Tom Says:
>No. Since you can not interrupt the SpeakNumber function when it is 
>speaking using it in the high scores menu would be a lot worse than 
>having to press enter. Basically, if you pressed down arrow and it 
>started speaking the score you couldn't down arrow again until the score 
>finished speaking. So I felt it was more practical to press enter on a 
>menu option instead.
>Aaron Asked:
>In some cases when speech is happening it is impossible to interrupt 
>speech. These
>include when the  score is being spoken, when some things are being 
>performed status
>keys like s for score, a for ammo. When the game is started and the 
>copywrite information
>is being spoken, etc. Should it be made possible to press any key and 
>these things?
>Tom Says:
>I'm not really sure how Draconis, GMA, etc handles using speech with wav 
>files, but I know the way I wrote the SpeakMessage function it can not 
>be interrupted when speaking a long string of stuff like numbers. The 
>way it works is like this.
>Load message wav file.
>Play the wav file.
>Wait for wav file to finish.
>Load another wav file.
>Play the wav file.
>Wait for wav file to finish.
>The way this works everything else is haulted why the while loop is 
>waiting on the wav file to finish. If someone has a better suggestion or 
>better way of handling this I am all ears. Otherwise things are going to 
>work the same until I find a better way to process wav files and speak 
>status messages etc. What you and and others are asking for is beyond my 
>technical and programming skill right now. Sorry, but I really can't 
>help on this issue at the moment.
>As for interrupting the intro message I can do that. In fact it is on my 
>todo list for Beta 3, and will be available in the next release. Just 
>press escape in Beta 3 to skip the intro.
>Aaron Asked:
>Did you receive my improved 5 sound?
>Tom Says:
>Yes, I did. Thanks for the file.
>Aaron Said:
>I have noticed that my character can get hit even after the enemy is 
>dead by the
>dead enemy, or after the view or inventory menues are brought up.
>Tom Says:
>I know about this  bug and have already fixed it in Beta 3. This is 
>basically a non-issue at this point for me. Thanks though for reporting it.
>Aaron Asked:
>With the sub machine gun, could you change it
>so you can hold down the space bar and fire shots until you release it 
>or run out?
>Tom Says:
>That depends. Do you have a high quality submachine loop I can use? If 
>not the answer is no.
>Aaron Said:
>Someone has already mentioned this one, if you get killed in the room 
>with the two
>pits, the game thinks you're walking on a ledge every step until you 
>jump over one
>of the pits.
>Tom Says:
>Yes, I know about this issue. I'm currently involved in trying to figure 
>out why the surface effects aren't getting updated. It sounds like an 
>easy fix, and hopefully I will have it resolved soon.
>Aaron Asked:
>There is no way to go from the water room back to the beginning again. 
>Is this supposed
>to be the case?
>Tom Says:
>That's right. There is no way back to the previous rooms.
>Aaron Asked:
>When you jump into a statue, the statue isn't opened automatically and 
>you can't
>walk another step towards it to open it, you must press enter. Is it 
>possible to
>open the door or statue automatically even if you just jumped to get there?
>Tom Says:'
>Umm...no. Exactly how many doors have you unlocked or opened by jumping 
>at them? Grin.
>Seriously, opening a door or statue while jumping is just too 
>unrealistic for mine. So I have no plans to do this.
>Aaron Asked:
>People have mentioned the creatures seem to be a little too quiet. I 
>agree with this.
>But I have my hearing impairment to contend with anyway. I find with one 
>of the creatures
>not sure which, I can't tell when it has been killed. All I hear is the 
>saying All Right! or something like that. And sometimes I miss that too 
>if my weapon
>is makeing a racket. Just figured I would mention it. That particular 
>creature doesn't
>make a clunk noiseas though it were hitting the ground. Should it?
>Tom Says:
>Yeah, I know about this. I am planning on adjusting volume controls in 
>Beta 3 to bring the volume of all of the monsters up a little bit. It is 
>a fairly common request and is on the todo list.
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