Woo, Now we're all on the same pages. I'm going to comment in a couple of 
places below. Hopefully this email isn't getting too big for the mailman thing.

  Aaron Asked:
  The guns don't do any damage to the giant it seems. Why is this? I can't 
  why arrows would hurt him but guns don't even begin to.

  Tom Says:
  That's  because those are enchanted arrows not normal arrows. Magic 
  weapons have a much higher melee rating than standard ones. Once the 
  User's Guide gets completed all of this will become more clear, and 
  hopefully make much more sense.

  Aaron said: Ah, nod this makes sence now. I figured it was something like 
that but I wanted to find out for sure.

  Aaron Asked:
  I'm wondering if we can re-implimint ducking the way it used to be, so 
  you can stay
  ducked as long as you want, it just doesn't do you any good to stay 
  ducked down for
  more than one hit because the enemy will compensate.

  Tom Says:
  I suppose so. However, that feature is going to take a lot of time and 
  energy to get working properly, and just be patient with me please. That 
  is only one of several issues I am trying to work on as I find the time 
  to do so.

  Aaron Said: Nod I'm not going to get out my sub machine gun and wave it 
around screaming and jumping up and down yelling at you to hurry up or else! 
lol I'll just let Lara do that.

  Aaron Said:
  I also believe the pistol and the  combat knife should still be useable 
  in such close
  contact. The pistol could be jammed against the enemy and fired that 
  way, and the
  knife could be jabbed at the enemy from the side etc.

  Tom Says:
  I've already explained the reason why I used a minimum range for each 
  weapon. Basically, if you are too close to an enemy creature the firing 
  code starts screwing up. To fix that problem means I basically have to 
  completely rewrite the firing code from scratch. Since this is not a 
  simple or easy job I'd truly appreciate if all of you would lay off the 
  subject for a while. I'm really beginning to feel a bit irritated about 
  the constant requests for me to fix this. I will, but don't keep on my case.
  Besides that the minimum range constants are usually what you would 
  expect any way. For example the knife has a minimum range of 0.5 units 
  which is equal to 6 inches. That should be close enough anyway for most 
  purposes. So I don't really understand why most of you are complaining 
  about the minumum range values. Most of the time you probably don't even 
  notice them except in a case where you need to backup to give yourself a 
  little more room.

  Aaron Said: Ok. I'm following.

  Aaron Asked:
  In the menues, should the first item in the menu be selected 
  automatically and spoken
  after the menu title is heard?

  Tom Says:
  No, and I have a very good reason not to do so. The main reason is I am 
  having a technical issue with DirectInput where a key repetes even when 
  it shouldn't. For example if you were to press enter on new game and you 
  landed on the first item in the mode menu it would automatically select 
  arcade mode, open the experience menu, automatically select beginner, 
  and continue until you either released the key or it could no longer 
  open any menus. To solve that problem for the moment I pass a 0 to the 
  new menu function so that enter can't do anything until you scroll to an 
  actual valid menu option. Does this make sense?

  aaron Said: yes, it does make sence. It's not a show stopper by any means so 
we can do without for sure.

  Aaron Asked:
  In some cases when speech is happening it is impossible to interrupt 
  speech. These
  include when the  score is being spoken, when some things are being 
  performed status
  keys like s for score, a for ammo. When the game is started and the 
  copywrite information
  is being spoken, etc. Should it be made possible to press any key and 
  these things?

  Tom Says:
  I'm not really sure how Draconis, GMA, etc handles using speech with wav 
  files, but I know the way I wrote the SpeakMessage function it can not 
  be interrupted when speaking a long string of stuff like numbers. The 
  way it works is like this.

  Load message wav file.
  Play the wav file.
  Wait for wav file to finish.
  Load another wav file.
  Play the wav file.
  Wait for wav file to finish.

  The way this works everything else is haulted why the while loop is 
  waiting on the wav file to finish. If someone has a better suggestion or 
  better way of handling this I am all ears. Otherwise things are going to 
  work the same until I find a better way to process wav files and speak 
  status messages etc. What you and and others are asking for is beyond my 
  technical and programming skill right now. Sorry, but I really can't 
  help on this issue at the moment.
  As for interrupting the intro message I can do that. In fact it is on my 
  todo list for Beta 3, and will be available in the next release. Just 
  press escape in Beta 3 to skip the intro.

  Aaron Said: Nod, I just figured those sounds were queued up for the engine to 
play, and all you had to doo to make it stop was just send the direct x a 
command to stop and it would make everything stop. I see now it doesn't quite 
work like that. From your explanation it looks like you have a while loop that 
keeps going and checking to see if the sound is playing. When the sound is not 
playing the loop plays the next sound and somehow in so doing initiates itself 
again. I don't know if the input still workks but a though I have is an if 
statement inside that could check to see if a variable interupt is set to 1. If 
it were, it could pull out of the loop. Only problem there is is there enough 
input support while this is going on to be able to set a variable if I press a 
key while it's looping. And, would it slow the speech down to be checking that 
variable every time it loops. I know in vb it does. In vb if I loop something 
the whole program seems to stop and give all it's attention to the loop. If 
that's the case input support wouldn't get any attention. Just a thought, but 
I'm aware that I don't know how the program is written and thus don't know what 
I'm talking about lol.

  Aaron Asked:
  With the sub machine gun, could you change it
  so you can hold down the space bar and fire shots until you release it 
  or run out?

  Tom Says:
  That depends. Do you have a high quality submachine loop I can use? If 
  not the answer is no.

  Aaron Said: I'll look into it. It might be possible to edit the existing 
sound to do that.

  Aaron Asked:
  When you jump into a statue, the statue isn't opened automatically and 
  you can't
  walk another step towards it to open it, you must press enter. Is it 
  possible to
  open the door or statue automatically even if you just jumped to get there?

  Tom Says:'
  Umm...no. Exactly how many doors have you unlocked or opened by jumping 
  at them? Grin.
  Seriously, opening a door or statue while jumping is just too 
  unrealistic for mine. So I have no plans to do this.

  aaron said: Nod, true true.
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