So, its almost a given that anywhere from 4 to 5 days I'll be getting a sega 
genesis, cd, and dreamcast, all in one nice little package. 
Now, I'd like to do a podcast on each - both game wise and the systems 
themselves. (history, or something like that, if anyone would even be 
I'd like to record games both by microphone and by a patch cable or some such.
What I mean is, for the person who doesn't know much about a game, I'll give a 
brief intro, or maybe explain what I'll be doing during loading times (sega cd 
comes to mind there where that will mostly be taken advantage of).
Finally, how would I go about recording the real deal - the person who just 
wants to hear the game in action?
And how would you recommend seperating that from the part where I record using 
a microphone? (parts of the podcast, or would you rather I do it all in one big 
chunk instead of part 1 and part 2)? I guess I could do miriani-like -  have 3, 
part 1, part 2, and the full version parts 1 and 2 combined? 
What I'd technically like to do is play the game while recording with a 
microphone and also with some sort of cable, but not sure how that will be 
done, since the cable has to be plugged into the headphone jack (on my stario) 
and line in jack on a computer, because what I orriginally wanted to do was do 
each thing seperately. BUt the conflict there is if I said something like wow, 
that was a great fatality, but I didn't do it while recording with line in, 
people might be confused. 
So how would I go about doing this? I can't wait to start podcasting.
Well actually, one thing I could do...lol, is not even use a tv. Just bring the 
systems downstairs to my room, hook it up to a computer and somehow listen to 
the game through speakers while recording it via line in?
I'm still confused as to how that would work, though.

I'm probably repeating myself here, so will stop.

Anyone have any ideas?

- Tyler
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