I'll break this up into chunks.

When playing entombed I keep running into monsters that are just pretty much
impossible to kill. I ran into one called some kind of guardian at the end
of level two in my dungeon once and I couldn't hit him at all, even though I
had flurry trained to 5 and swords trained to 4, and he killed me in like
the second round even though I was wearing a lot of metal eq. I had another
group member too, a level 4 fightter who was almost as good, and he got that
one too, as well as my pet. I kepted the same dungeon and tried to beat that
monster three times with different configurations. I never got him past
injured. I'm not sure what i'm supposed to do.

Keep in mind that the guardian is made of rock, so going after him with a
sword is not going to do much damage to him. What sort of weapon do you
think would have a better chance of damaging stone? Stone is certainly hard
to slice, but it's not as difficult to ... what? Also, the shrink spell is a
great one for lowering the damage done by natural weapons. Try those.

How come I can't level past 6?

Because you're playing a concept demo right now that's in early alpha
stages. Eventually you will be able to, but at present you can't. This will
be fixed in later releases.

I can't train very well because there's no way to get skill points.

The only way is through leveling, and your six levels and corresponding
skill points should be enough to conquer the dungeon.

That, and like someone else mentioned, I did cut off my hand instead of
hitting escape once.

You're thinking of the tilde key. It's a testing key that he put in for
himself and never took it out. It won't be in in the full release. Try not
to press it.

I hope this helps.


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