Aaron Said:
I noticed in the score menu you still have to press enter to hear the score. There was probably a problem impliminting that after all. no big deal just my observation.

Tom Says:
Indeed there was. When down arrowing through the high scores menu it would crash unexpectedly and bomb out of the application. I'm still trying to track down the reason for this, but needless to say restoring the scores menu back to the way it was is preferable to crashing like that. I also had converted the view menu, the inventory list, etc the same way and they also crashed unexpectedly. best thing to do was restore them to the way they were in Beta 2.

Aaron Said:
It seems that when I get killed I lose items I have picked up and they are returned to the ground. I'm not sure if this is new or if I did something stupid this time
around or what.

Tom Says:
Hmmm...That is definitely not the usual behavior. In fact, the only change I made to the get item code was a little fix to announce all of the items you picked up. That is all. That shouldn't be producing this new behavior.

Aaron Said:
When you press enter on an item in the score menu you can't just arrow on until it's good and done talking. I'm thinking maybe that tmenu just hasn't been switched to
use the other thread or what ever. It behaves exactly as it used to.

Tom Says:
Same answer as above. It resulted in a nasty crash so I restored the code from the Beta 2 source which was at least stable if not exactly what you were hoping for.

Aaron Said:
Have you thought of useing ctrl instead of escape to stop the intro?

Tom Says:
Well, yes and no. It is very easy to use the control key as well as escape to close the intro screen. Problem is if you setup ahot key like control+alt+t to start the game guess what happens? Well, short answer is the game loads and jumps strait to the main menu. One big problem with that is the game does lots of initialization while that intro is playing and it can get messy if initialization doesn't complete correctly. For this reason I hesitated to allow you to interrupt the intro message at all, but it seams using escape is safe enough. This is one of those cases where customers try making suggestions that isn't in their own best interests.

Aaron Said:
Should their
be the same keystroke work to stop the thank you demo message?

Tom Says:
Which one. The demo over message or the when when exiting the game. If you are talking about the exit game message I'm working on that. It doesn't have an exact screen asigned to that message so I have to add one to the engine just for that specific screen. Not difficult, but it is lower on the list of things to do right now than adding some new game levels, fixing mouse support, and resolving some issues with joystick support.

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