You will need multiple keys for multiple computers. In the past, I have given those keys out for free to registered customers. Unfortunately, I found out folks were taking advantage of my generosity, so from now on you will have to purchase a seperate key for each new system. However, if you are a registered purchaser of Rail Racer, I will sell the extra key at a reduced price, basically half off the purchase price of $39.95. To get this price though, you have to email me directly at
 If you have questions about this, feel free to email me off list as well.
Regarding the complaints about subject matter, I think constantine had the best suggestion. Just group your messages, hit that delete key and no worries. Barring that, you can email a moderator and complain about it, but since this particular question was about accessible gaming, I think you'll be spitting up a rope, but who knows, maybe you'll find Thomas to be in a particularly aggressive mood and he'll start kicking folks off left and right at the point of an archeologist's knife.

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