Crissy wrote:
in regular games for sseing gamers the mouse is never used for moving your
character but more for aimimg and shooting and such. so to me it would not
make a lot of sense to try and navigate with a mouse at all.
 end quote

Although most sighted games use the mouse for aiming, that shouldn't preclude us from using it for other purposes. I realize not a lot of you have used the mouse to play games, given the very few available, but I can tell you, we're missing out on a very good input device for the blind, and I really don't understand why the resistance. Is it just because it is something different that folks haven't done before? Are folks afraid they can't learn to use it? What is the thinking out there? I for one hate playing exclusively with the keyboard, there is just no subtlety of control there, but with the mouse you have an entirely new dimension of control if it is programmed right. For instance, I am still kicking around the idea of doing a mouse driven golf game. Imagine how cool it would be to have control of your golf club speed depending on how fast you moved the mouse. It would feel a lot more like actually playing golf instead of trying to hit a moving target with a dart, as is the case with a keyboard setup. No slam meant to Jim's golf game here, obviously what he has created has been accepted and played by throngs of accessible gamers and my hats off to him for providing it for free, and coming up with an interface that works very well. But my point is, we're limiting ourselves for no good reason here, and I wish someone would explain to me why it is taking so long to get accessible gamers to accept the mouse as a primary input device. I'm not trying to come down on anyones opinions here, but when I see folks not taking advantage of something that is capable of improving things on any level, I just have to scratch my head and wonder why.
 Thanks for reading my diatribe here, ehahah,

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