Hi Dark,
I think that is lack of experience talking more than anything else. As I stated earlier I do have partial mouse support going and what I have so far is promising. I certainly understand if people would rather use a keyboard, joystick, etc as the game supports those already. As far as the point that the mouse doesn't add anything to the game that's where I personally disagree. When testing using the mouse I have found my control over Angela much smoother, much more responsive, and more relaxing than with say a keyboard. If an enemy attacks me a quick pull to the left or right will often cause me to step out of the way of an attack much faster than if I were doing the same action on a keyboard. There are advantages here even if you don't immediately see the need for them. While I am on the subject w seam to be comparing mouse support to mainstream games. While it is true most sighted mainstream games have keyboard and joystick support it never hurts to add something new to the mix. A new or different experience for the end gamer.

dark wrote:
Hi Tom.

while mouse support would be funky in many games, ---- judgement day, rale racer, not to mention Che's fighting idea (I was a big fan of Brian's attempt at the magic gestures game), my personal view is that it wouldn't really do much in motor, sinse mota is a side scrolling platform game not based upon complex joystick motions, or the sort of realistic throttle esque timing seen in a racing or shooting game.

Mota's challenge is much more about where you go, and how you time fighting monsters.

Of course, sinse I grew up, ---- and indeed stil do, play graphical side scrollers with either the pc keyboard or (as I always prefer if possible), my mighty arcade joysticks, I'm probably rather biased here, but imho mouse support just wouldn't add to the game at all.

of course though, if you ever create that solo starship control game, ---- not to mention raceway, Mouse support would probably be fun.

Just my thoughts.

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